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Drawing of mansion by F.S.DixonDrawing of mansion by F. S. Dixon, a friend of the
Bullard family, 1897

Mission Statement

To preserve and protect historic housing stock including, but not limited to, Flushing, New York through any strategy possible, including but not limited to issue advocacy, fundraising, ownership easements and deed restrictions, landmarking and zoning reform.

To restore and rehabilitate any historic building which comes into the possession of the Flushing Historic Trust, through lease ownership or otherwise, and at its sole discretion, to offer assistance to any individual or organization that asks for assistance for a similar project.

To create a house museum open to the public at the current Kabriski Mansion, located at 147-38 Ash
Avenue, Flushing, NY and other locations if facilities are offered.

To design an educational component, including but not limited to programs in art, music and related activities, historic preservation and local history.

To maintain and enhance the quality of life in a manner consistent with the above mentioned goals of the residents of Flushing and Queens, New York.

To provide a network of communication so that the residents of Queens will be better informed as to events regarding the above-mentioned goals.

To conduct meetings and events and to report by use of a formal newsletter those events and their minutes to all concerned parties.

To regularly confer with elected officials and other entities regarding the goals of the Corporation.

To implement a membership roster and annual dues.

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